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"When You Start Looking Within For All Your Answers, You'll Find Something Truly Magical -  They've Always Been Within."



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You Have ALL You Need Within, Right Now.

We need to take care of our Inner World, so that we can have the energy and physical, emotional, and mental stamina to do the work our intuition and souls are calling us to do. 

I believe you should have all the pleasure, play, ease, grace, abundance, and joy you desire.

I believe  the only thing standing in your way is your belief that it's not possible to have it ALL ... YOUR WAY!

I spent over a decade doing the "right thing" ... working full time, growing my coaching business, and trying to be everything to everyone. But I missed a crucial element ... ME!

This hustle mode led me to an auto-immune disease, a marriage that I could have easily sabotaged, feeling disconnected from my body, and on a slippery slope to depression due to a mountain of unexpressed resentment.

What I finally realized is that I was living my life based on the "6 False Agreements™":

Other People's Opinions, Priorities, Expectations, Approval, Permission, and Ideas.

I finally realized that it was time to TRULY take care of ME and to RE-WRITE those False Agreements.

That's when my 'Inner Work of Self-Care' was born. I finally learned that in order to expand what was possible, I needed to get still, to move by body daily, and release the resentment in order to design my life with ME at the center.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~ African Proverb

When we work together, you'll find that there are no templates. My coaching is intuitively strategic + a dash of magic along the way. (ok... maybe MORE than a dash).

I believe you've GOT to be willing to release the rules, the old agreements, and the "right way"... It's time to learn to TRUST yourself and your Inner Council. 

CONTACT ME and let's see how I can support you. {[email protected]}

"I created my first opt-in, landed my first coaching client, and started my first consistent list building practice via weekly FB lives. With Elena's guidance, I began a FB Group which has grown to several hundred members in only a few short months with effortless flow. I launched two programs - one live group coaching program and my monthly membership for homeschooling mompreneurs - HOM Collective. Working together was a massive confidence builder. 

Cara Mendez


Let's Make Magic Together. 

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