VIRTUAL RETREAT ACADEMY: Design, Create and Sell your Virtual Retreat

I'm so thrilled you're here!


Here are the topics we're going to cover:

Title: Create and Host Transformational Virtual Retreats from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Module 0 - Welcome

0.1 - Expectations & Intentions

Module 1 - Your 6-Figure Virtual Retreat Game-Plan

1.1 - The Big Picture

1.2 - The Vision and Goals

1.3 - The Mindset, Principles & Fundamentals of Hosting a Virtual Retreat


Module 2 - Mapping Out the Offer

2.1 - Identify Your Customer

2.2 - Your Promise

2.3 - The Pricing 

2.4 - What's Included in Your Offer?


Module 3 - The Technology

3.1- Your LiveStream Options

Pros & Cons

3.2 - Audio Options

3.3 - Recording Choices Options 

3.4 - Internet/Computer & Staying Connected


Module 4 - Launching the Virtual Event

4.1 - Create your launch plan

4.2 - Prepare Your Email Strategy

4.3 - Launch Sales Page - Show it & Sell it


Module 5 - Hosting Your Virtual Event

5.1 - Preparing, Clearing & Grounding Your Space

5.2 - Removing Distractions and Prepping Your Family

5.3 - Mindset of Staying Present

5.4 - Managing Your Energy - Before/During/After (bonus?)

5.5 - Time to Practice YOUR Virtual Retreat


Module 6 - What's Next?

6.1 - Repurpose Content (No need to reinvent the wheel)

6.2 - Follow-up for feedback & testimonials

6.3 - Invite to the next event (bundles?)

6.4 – Does a LIVE retreat make sense for me?


Module 7 - BONUSES

7.1 - Instant Connection - How to create the same type of engagement and connections as a live event

7.2 - Virtual Technology Resources & Tips for dummies so you can create the virtual event with ease

7.3 – Feel like you’re on retreat - Sacred Space Design Tips for YOU & Your attendees

7.4 - SWIPE FILES - pre & post event emails you can use right now

7.5 - Self-Care Tips for YOU to pre-during & post the virtual event

7.6 - A Ready-to-use timeline of hosting your Virtual Event

7.7 - Your Virtual Retreat Itinerary - Fill-in-the-blanks

7.8 - Resources & Supplies you can use as gifts & during the retreat to create Sacred Space


"As soon as Elena Lipson announced that she'd created the Virtual Retreat Academy I knew I wanted in.

My family asked me, "Aren't you already doing a zillion business things? Why do you need this too? Isn't this just shiny object syndrome?"

My vision was clear: This is a slam dunk to simplify my offerings and deliver greater value all at once.
And it worked. Immediately.

As soon as I implemented virtual retreats into my existing group program magic happened:

I relieved myself of the burden of holding weekly training sessions and switched to one virtual retreat a month.

The women in the program loved having so much more spaciousness to implement what they were learning between training sessions. So everyone felt more at ease.

My participants enjoyed a much deeper journey in my program - the testimonials rocked.

Prospective clients saw the value of the virtual retreats and enrolled in my program at double the investment.

I made twice as much money, my participants and I enjoyed much more spaciousness, and their program results were the best ever.

Basically, we doubled our money, our time and our impact.

Investing in the Virtual Retreat Academy was a total no-brainer. I would have paid five times more than I did.

My favorite part of the Virtual Retreat Academy was learning how to create a graceful, spacious virtual temple - how to set an example of grace and create clear expectations so that the participants are mentally and physically prepared to enjoy the sacred space without disruption."

Nihal from

"Honestly, I didn’t have any concerns joining the Academy. I felt super confident that for the price I’d get something great out of it. I had also been wanting to connect with Elena more and felt this was the perfect opportunity.

My favorite part was how the information was presented in such an incredibly easeful way.

Elena helped us to see just how simple getting our ideas out to the world could be!

This simplicity gave me the confidence to just BEGIN, NOW!

If you want a simple, loving way to learn how to get your teachings out to groups, join Elena’s course.

She meets the entire group with grace and love, takes the time to answer any and all questions and helps to create an atmosphere of accessibility."

Lexi Koch, Higher Self Whisperer

"I was really excited to take the Virtual Retreat Academy with Elena. I had been following her work for awhile, so I didn’t have any concerns about how amazing the course would be.

To be honest, I was more concerned about taking the course and then not following through with creating and finishing my own virtual retreat.

I had a pattern of getting to a certain point with a project and then setting it aside, because of not knowing how to take it to the next step.

Which often left me with a lot of unfinished projects.

But Elena was great at pushing us to continue creating throughout the duration of the course!

The course was extremely thorough, with functional steps, as well as creative inspiration.

And Elena was really committed to each person following along with the course and creating their own Virtual Retreat as they went through the course.

She would provide feedback and support so that it made it easy to keep moving forward with all aspects of creating our individual virtual retreats.

In fact, by the end of the course, I had already created about 80% of my virtual retreat content, had already done a practice version of it, and had set a date for the real live virtual retreat!

Not only did I feel extremely confident in creating a Virtual Retreat, and felt supported along the way, but I actually followed through with finishing the project, with Elena by my side!

And the feedback from the practice version was super positive – this was an essential step in the course.

It felt amazing to see what was possible for me.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in creating an online experience that connects you with others.

Elena is the perfect person to teach you and guide you."

~ Jessica Roth - Energy Healer & Life Designer

Once you register, you will also be invited in to our private FB group where we will have a chance to connect and support each other to create YOUR Virtual Retreat Offering.

If you have any questions along the way, you will be able to ask them during our live calls AND in the FB group.

Again, I'm SO thrilled that you're here.