Make Over Your Morning

Give me 3 minutes in the morning, and I'll give you the secret sauce to starting each day with gratitude and purpose. This is the ANTIDOTE to DAILY OVERWHELM!

I've been practicing the 3-Step Magic Morning Practice for over a decade, and it's made ALL the difference.

Are you starting your day at a FULL SPEED RUN???

Running to get the kids out the door, to get your coffee, to get to work... and you're already out of breath before 9am!?

Thanks to my 3-Step Magic Morning Practice...I am:

  • More patient as a mom
  • More present for my clients & business
  • More playful as a wife... (and after 19 years together)... I KNOW that this practice has been a KEY element in bringing us closer and helping me to clear RESENTMENT, which is the biggest block to intimacy.

    This morning practice helps me to show up as the best version of ME to my clients, because that's what they deserve, 

    And now, I want to share my exact process with you in this LIVE 5-Day Morning Makeover. READY?

    Together, we will MOVE, WRITE, and GET PRESENT so that you can give from a place of OVERFLOW vs. RUNNING on FUMES!

    Enter your name and email below, and LET'S MAKE-OVER YOUR MORNINGS TOGETHER!!! 

    *** JOIN US LIVE: Dec. 3rd - Dec. 7th, 2018 ***

" First, I know I can have different versions of the Magic Morning Practice that suit the moment. And, I know that even the tiniest ritual (lemon water in my hello gorgeous glass) is so powerful. Thanks so much Elena Lipson for the space and permission to let go of the shoulds."

Anne Hill-Armstrong
Member of The Divine Self-Care Circle, Elena's Self-Care Community

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